Tiles Laying


Wall Needs

The wall must be sturdy and level, with a smooth surface. Avoid waxing or painting the wall beforehand.For tiling on plywood, ensure the wall is clean and dry. Seal the wall surface with a mixture of 50% PVA and water.

Preparation for Tiles

Combine tiles from various cartons to achieve a harmonious blend of shades.

Laying Tiles

Begin by applying high-quality ceramic adhesive on the wall and positioning the first tile in a corner. Apply even pressure on all four corners to ensure proper adhesion. Fill the accessible area of the wall with tiles without cutting and allow it to set for at least 12 hours. Proceed to fill the remaining area with measured and cut tiles.

Tile Tempering

Evenly tamp tiles with a rubber mallet for proper wall contact.

Grouting Tiles

Grouting: Apply diagonally between tiles, fill gaps with a sponge, and wipe away excess.

Cutting Curves

Curved Tile Cutting: Measure curve on cardboard, transfer to tile for precise cutting.

Tile Hole Cutting

Pipe Passage Cutting: Mark tile, draw line through circle center, cut along line, then cut semicircles on halves to form hole.

Window Recess Tile Tilting and Cutting

Window Recess Tile Cutting: From center to edge, cut a line, then draw a vertical right angle line. Cut to form an "L" shape for fitting in window recess.

Fitting Accessory Tiles

Accessory Tile Installation: Leave space while laying normal tiles, apply adhesive on back of accessory tile, place uniformly in the space, apply even pressure for installation.

Drilling Tiles

Masking Tape Application and Hole Marking: Cover drill area with masking tape, mark hole position, then drill with minimal pressure.